Easy Food Preservation!
Freezing & Dehydrating Basics
Freezing Food: Tired of pulling something out of the freezer to find tht it looks like the inside of an ancient artic cave filled with ice stalagmites: As simple as freezing sounds, there are multiple techniques to keep frozen food quality high. Learn how to freeze food so you want to eat it instead of tossing it out.
Drying Food: Learn how dehydrating food works and what makes it a safe preservation technique. Explore different styles of dehydrators and see several other drying methods that require minimal effort and supplies. Leave confident in your abilities to dehydrate food for storage and then rehydrate food for meals.


Wednesday evening, September 19


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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Calaveras Senior Center, 956 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas.

Presented by UC Master Food Preservers


The Calaveras Senior Center offers a place for local residents to meet for a good meal, chat, play cards, and make use of many available services.

Although most of the activites offered are geared toward seniors, every one is welcome, especially to the wonderful lunches prepared at the direction of Shawn, our head cook.
A variety of medical equipment and supplies, such as walkers, potty chairs, crutches, and Depends are available from the Calaveras Senior Center at no charge to anyone who has a need. Visit or call (209) 754-3967 for more information.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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